Beet and Fennel Macaroni + Cheese

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Garlic, My Soul | Beet and Fennel Mac

There is just something about macaroni and cheese that makes everyone smile a little wider. So when I went to Hyperion Public and had their mac and cheese with beets, I knew I had to kick my own recipe up a notch and try it out.

I started with our regular recipe, and while I was putting that together, I chopped and roasted the beets with some olive oil. Then I diced a bulb of fennel up. Fennel is a great addition to add – even raw! – because it’s crunchy and adds a great texture to your meal.

When the mac and cheese was ready, I mixed in the fennel, beets, and goat cheese, because who doesn’t love that? Then I added some thyme, and baked the whole thing for twenty minutes at 400 degrees to crisp the top.

Garlic, My Soul | Beet and Fennel Mac

This was a great dinner, and it reheated quite nicely, so I recommend that you make a big batch of it to have on hand for lunches and dinners throughout the week! What’s your favorite type of mac and cheese?


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