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Citrus Compote | Garlic, My Soul

GUYS. Recently, in case you didn’t know, I went to NYC to see Hamilton, and it was the very, very best thing. I spent a day with my sister and my bests, then got to see Lin-Manuel perform (with a slew of others I love).

BUT also, while I was in NY, specifically in Brooklyn and my friend Sierra’s gorgeous apartment, I got to see my friend Dan. I know him from college, and I am luckily enough that he stuck around (and ended up marrying one of my best girls) and am so fortunate to see him now and again when I make my way to NYC for 36 hours.

Last time Dan found me on his couch watching HGTV and SVU reruns (or the time before? One can’t always remember) he made this risotto that was one of the best GD things I’ve ever eaten. So creamy! So delicious! It sears my memory with its goodness. However, I am not here to talk about risotto. I am here to talk about some KICK ASS compote that he made with cranberries and blood oranges that made my mouth drop open when I tasted it.

Citrus Compote | Garlic, My Soul

It was the last breakfast I had before Hamilton Changed My Life. And, obviously, this compote also Changed My Life, too. I’m not even kidding, you guys. Compote on toast with a layer of goat cheese? Why wasn’t I eating this for breakfast/snacks/dessert for all the years of my life?

Now, I got back to California, and I couldn’t find cranberries. And I couldn’t find blood oranges. But I did find lemons and oranges in my backyard, so that’s what we went with. And I will say, this is still pretty effing good. The recipe is right here. But it’s very basic. Wash your lemon and orange. Dice (and deseed) with the peel still on. Then add to a pan with sugar, and allow to dissolve and melt down until the peels are soft and the compote thickens. Remove from heat and allow to cool – store in the fridge!

Citrus Compote | Garlic, My Soul

Serve that badass compote on sourdough toast, with a smear of goat cheese, and a drizzle of honey. It is a perfect breakfast that will have you dreaming of getting up (I promise, I swear!) Thanks, Dan, for Changing My Life, and for being my friend, and for always managing to feed me something amazing when I see you for 20 minutes at a time every six months.


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