Tiny Peach Crisp

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Tiny Peach Crisp | Garlic, My Soul

If you guys know me in real life (or probably if you just know me from this blog actually) you know that I love cast iron in all forms. I use my cast iron to cook pretty much everything, rarely pulling out another sauté pan unless I need two at a time.

I registered for these tiny cast iron dishes (to go along with my cast iron frying pan and cast iron griddle) and though you might not be able to tell in the photo these are small, trust me – they are! They are perfect to make tiny peach crisp in, if you have some peaches you meant to eat that you didn’t that now are too mushy for eating out-of-hand.

Tiny Peach Crisp | Garlic, My Soul

The full recipe is here – but these come together so easily! Peaches, some flour, some sugar, some oats, and some butter – you’re basically in business.

Tiny Peach Crisp | Garlic, My SoulTiny Peach Crisp | Garlic, My SoulI recommend serving these babies fajita style (aka, in their cast iron dishes!) with a big scoop of ice cream – heaven! The perfect end-of-summer dessert that hints fall around the edges.


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