You kept us together all of 2010. We thank you.

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We’ve been meaning to write thank-you’s for a while, and now that we’ve had a moment to breathe, we find it a good time to say:

To our LA family:

Thank you for eating our food, letting us plan events around recipes we had to cook, for giving us butter in our greatest time of need, and for never doubting that we could do it. You have always been there for us, blog or not, and we know you’ll continue to eat whatever we put in front of you. You are the reason Thanksgiving is so big, the reason that birthday cakes get eaten, and the reason we continue to explore our culinary sense; without you, we’d be two lonely girls who ate a lot of cookies.


Thank you for always being there for cooking questions, dishware advice, and to help me talk through a recipe. Your cooking school expertise has helped us over the bumps along the way. Thanks for always being willing to eat whatever I bring to the office, too, and for letting me play Wii fit at your house in attempts to lose some of this butter weight. Your blog continues to inspire ours.


Thank you for teaching us your gluten-free ways. Learning the PW recipes could be gluten-free, and that we could therefore share them with you, has been a blessing. Thank you for always encouraging us through a hard recipe, and for always finding our outbursts reasonable and justified.


Thank you for insisting that we trust the Pioneer Woman. We’d have never trusted her without you. (Check out Nikki’s blog!)


Thank you for always commenting, for always making sure we knew that someone was reading. Your suggestions are taken to heart, and your readership means the world to us.

Jennie’s Parents:

Thanks for teaching me the basics. Thanks for teaching me to always have a mopine on my shoulder (an indespensible habit Corelyn has adopted. It’s revolutionized her cooking life.) Thanks for instilling in me a love of Italian and pizza, and for always believing I could do whatever it was I wanted to – whether it was be a photographer, or go to RISD with absolutely no artistic talent.

Corelyn’s Parents:

Thanks for passing along your zeal for cooking, your love of good food, and the joy of coming together as a family in the kitchen. Thanks for teaching me how to use a spatula to full effect, scraping every last drop of batter out of the mixing bowl, and how to improvise and substitute with confidence. Most importantly, thanks for your love and support through every high and low.


Thank you for your photographs. Having you around has taught us to smile when cooking, and to keep our chins up and our eyes open. Which is helpful when smiling for a picture OR when keeping it together at a dinner party.


Thanks for being an incredible boyfriend, best friend, photographer, food tester, grocery shopping partner, blogging expert, website builder, shelf-building, last minute ingredient getting guinea pig. We literally couldn’t have done this without you, and both Cor and I are eternally grateful, and we promise we’ll never make that meatloaf again.


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