(Winter) Squash, My Soul

Posted on by Jennie

As we roll into autumn, I want to focus on winter squash for the next month. Jeff loves spaghetti squash, and I suspect we’ll see it at the farmer’s market in a week or two – we’ve already seen pumpkins, and butternut and kobocha squashes. Squash is something that marks the season in our lattes and on our dessert tables, but I want to bring it back to the dinner table, and maybe even the appetizers, too.

Winter squash is a family that spends the summer growing, and come into season right about now. At their prime from October through November, they are a good option to replace carbohydrates, to add antioxidants, and to get your source of┬ácarotenoids – that is, vitamin A.

Winter squash have a longer shelf life than summer squash (think zucchini) so they are also ideal for an unexpected dinner at home or party of four instead of, say one, or as a gluten free base that will leave everyone feeling full. When choosing your squash, look for ones that are firm, have dull rinds (as opposed to shiny/glossy) and that are “heavy for their size.”

Originally grown in South America, squash has traveled the globe, and is used in a variety of ways, from soup to salad to seeds, from pasta to pie. As we dive into (almost) October, and the weather in SoCal cools down, join us as we find new uses for old things – such as pumpkin quesadillas, butternut squash salad, and perhaps a spicy or nutty squash side!


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