Wine, Bread, Cheese and Thou

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Some of you may recall that I was excited to receive a new hand-me-down cookbook from my momma at Christmas. She gifted me with one of her extra copies of Diet For a Small Planet, a 1971 cookbook by Frances Moore Lappe which includes a recipe for one of my favorite breakfast treats.

Garlic, My Soul | Wine Bread Cheese and Thou

I remember the first time my mother made this for me. I thought it sounded like a typical mom recipe. It’s called Wine, Bread, Cheese and Thou, for goodness sake. That sounds more like the name of a Simon and Garfunkel song than a breakfast dish. But inevitably, my mother knew best, and I quickly came to love this lazy Sunday treat.

Garlic, My Soul | Wine, Bread, Cheese and Thou

The simplicity of this recipe is part of its beauty, since the whole recipe revolves around the ¬†assumption that you’ll use whatever wine, bread, and cheese you happen to have lying around. In fact, stale bread and the dregs of an old wine bottle work best.

All you do is make a roux then add some cheese until it is a thick sauce. It just takes a a little milk, butter, flour, and your cheese of choice. We used Fontina because it is divine.

Garlic, My Soul | Wine, Bread, Cheese and Thou

Next, sprinkle some crusty bread with your wine. Personally, I like a lot of wine, but do what you feel in your heart. Scoop some of your cheese sauce onto each bread piece and then bake until the cheese begins to brown.

Garlic, My Soul | Wine, Bread, Cheese and Thou

And that, my friends, is all there is to it!

Be sure to share with friends, loved ones, houseguests, or whoever else you have nearby. They are good, but they are rich! A couple pieces is all you need, but it will be hard not to finish the whole batch.




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