Welcome to our Kitchen, and Soul.

Posted on by Jennie

This seems like the perfect time to introduce myself to the world. Hi there, I’m Corelyn. My lovely neighbor and blogging partner is Jennie.

We are both 23 and live in Hollywood in a charming old building that Jennie found with her boyfriend last year. My husband and I promptly capitalized on their hard apartment hunting and moved into the unit right below them. With my husband, I came to the city of Angels from all the way across the country in Virginia. Jennie and Jeff came from school in Boston, but Michigan and New Hampshire before that. Like so many millions of Angelinos before us, we are imports.

So that’s us. We were friends; we became neighbors; now we are cooking buddies and general life planning confidants. Our mission: the pursuit of delicious and nutritious food for ourselves and our picky men while sticking to a budget and a tight schedule. Most days, we throw together meals based on whatever we find in the larder and throw recipes out the window.

We are loud and giggly. We make huge messes. We take lots of pictures. This is our life. Please enjoy your stay.


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