Weeknight Dinner: Chicken Tacos

Posted on by Jennie

Last week Melissa and I had dinner planned with a few girlfriends. We needed something gluten free and delicious. I was in the mood for something fast.

Result? Delicious, warm, delightful chicken tacos.

The recipe was once again borrowed from the PW.


Seasoned and delicious chicken.

Add in your green chiles. Something great is in the works.

Fry your tortillas. Pardon the lack of photographic evidence, but we were chatty.

And you can’t blame us for that.

You should make these tacos now. Or when you’re happy. Or sad. Or lonely. Or having company. Or having a party! Or having a lousy day at work. Or…you get the idea. You should have them, then invite me over!!

Waiting with bated breath…


[addtoany] Yum


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