Weekly Roundup: To the Internet, and Beyond

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Guys. This month’s June addition of Real Simple is here!! I can’t wait to dig into the magazine, because it promises summery feelings and new recipes and delicious drinks.

In other news, I have accidentally made two recipes from the PW’s new cookbook tonight: Knock You Naked Brownies, and Perfect Iced Coffee.

I have also made a few other recipes from this book, so I may or may not toy around with cooking through this one. Stay tuned.

I’m loving this post about the best breakfasts, and am happy to know that my new favorite (Greek yogurt with Cheerios and blueberries) is on the list. I am playing around with the idea of smoothies, since I love them so much and they make me so happy. I am also thinking about trying these breakfast cookies. What are you eating for breakfast, these days??

Also around the Internet, I read this incredibly interesting article about SNAP, the food stamp program in the US. Basically, it states that instead of complaining about how food stamps are being spent on soda, or junk food, etc., we should actually analyze what it is actually being spent ON. A fascinating idea to helping those who need help be healthier!

I’ve also been craving seafood lately, and am very excited about trying these chipotle lime tacos and these shrimp crepes. I can’t get enough shrimp, and am hoping to add tuna back to my lunch wheelhouse…tuna melts might be a good start, no?

This weekend, I’m making some Fourth of July treats, so look out for those, as well as a delicious GF pie, coming up next week! Happy almost-mid June, y’all.





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