Weekly Roundup: Over the hills

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Garlic, My Soul is currently traveling about the country – from Los Angeles to Chicago and from D.C. to North Carolina.

So this week’s Friday round up is going to be short and sweet, but you’ll have some weekend posts to look forward to – the feast of the seven fishes is on its way to a home near you, as well as some old time traditions (Chinese food on Christmas) and some new ones (walks around my parent’s new neighborhood!)

This Chicago trip I am on is going to include three holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve) and with it comes holiday foods and appetizers.

Which leads me to this recipe for deviled eggs. Doesn’t that look amazing?

Also this recipe – Jeff has been bugging me to make ’em for a few years, so I think that we might have to make them while he’s in Chicago.

Speaking of tradition, expect to see quick recipes for things as pictured above from Christmas eve eve two years ago, and exactly what we’re having for dinner tomorrow – some things never change.

Also look for seafood posts that will also include heavy doses of my family’s hilarity as it ensues in our new hub in Chicago.

Also, as always, look out for these babies, my favorite Christmas Eve dish – fried shrimp.

Speaking of fried food, by which I mean oil…what do you guys think about this? I think that I need to buy the book and get the full scoop on olive oil choices.





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