Weekly Roundup: Making it easy

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This week is about making things easier on yourself. Do you ever find yourself thinking, “How can I figure out dinner this week?” or “How can I get this dessert to work without it sliding all over the place and causing me to have a heat flash in the parking lot?” or “How many vegetables did I eat this week? Any?”

No? Anyone? Just me? I didn’t think I was alone. And so, from around the Internet, I present to you a few options to make your life easy peasy lemon squeezy.

First off, check out this article on how to meal plan. For me, I generally plan my week’s meals on Sunday, go grocery shopping (and to the farmer’s market) on this same day, and try to stick to the plan. How to grocery shop and meal plan is integral to life, and sometimes forgotten in the fast-paced life we lead.

Jeff and I have found that getting dinners for what we think we need minus one meal – that means one meal less than what we need – we waste less food. Jeff sometimes works late, or I do, or an event comes up – life throws a curve ball. Rather than over buying, we under-buy. Truth is, our pantry always has enough to feed us for an extra night, and if we end up needing something else, we walk to the store!

Speaking of waste, here’s some information on how to waste less food. And here’s a website that’ll help you tell what you need to toss, and what you don’t. I know that sometimes I forget its so hot at home with AC at work, so things go moldy or somehow, that have of an onion gets stuck behind the milk. But some simple tips help us identify how to change our habits and save us money and the planet.

If you’re looking for an easy dessert to bring to work, look no further than this list. So next time someone asks you to bring the best course, you keep your cool.

As far as keeping track of what you’re eating, I use SparkPeople. So you’ll know how many fruits and vegetables you’ve eaten, how many calories you’ve consumed, and you can track your exercise, too. SparkPeople keeps me on task with calories, which is important for a food blogger who loves sweets.

Do you guys track calories? Do you meal plan? Do you make a list to grocery shop?


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