Weekly Roundup: Clean Eating

Posted on by Jennie

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are five posts guaranteed to help you with your healthy eating/clean eating goals!

1. A list of new products to try in your kitchen! I definitely want to try out freekah, and we love colored quinoa around here!

2. I dig a new take on a quesadilla, and the PW never leads us wrong. Adding veggies to each meal is a great way to get your five in each day. I want to try this Butternut Squash and Kale one, coming to a plate near you, soon!


 Source: Pioneer Woman

3. Speaking of clean eating, the FDA past a few new rules to help the produce and foods we eat stay clean through the process of harvest, from field to fork. Here’s an article to help you decipher the new rules.

4. This week, Goop covered super foods you should most certainly add to your diet. And who doesn’t love a big old list of things you actually CAN eat?

5. How delicious do these Turkey Lettuce Wrap Tacos look? I think I might just need to add them to the rotation for dinners.

Happy end-of-the-week, friends – cook your hearts out this weekend!


[addtoany] Yum


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