Weekend Snapshot: Pizza, Cake, and Cassoulet

Posted on by Corelyn

Oh boy, this was a busy weekend! We hosted a triple birthday party, for three friends with birthdays this week, including our gluten-free blogger, Melissa! We made a yellow and gray layer cake with half lemon-vanilla frosting and half chocolate frosting as well as some gluten-free funfetti cupcakes for Melissa. Then we spent the evening making pizzas for 30 of our friends! In the end, we made a total of 12 pizzas.

Sunday morning, Melissa enjoyed a giant chocolate chip pancake for her birthday, and Jennie and I called in Rebecca as reinforcement for a full day of cooking. We made a delicious cassoulet, some onion cheese bread, and then set to work photographing our work!

It was one of those weekends that left us more tired than rested, but it was all worth it.

Was your weekend as busy as ours?




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