Weekend Snapshot: photo shoots and pumpkin carving

Posted on by Corelyn

It was another busy busy weekend for the Garlic, My Soul crew. Jennie and Corelyn spent Friday night prepping for our latest photo shoot. Among other goodies, we made a blue ombre cake. Elsewhere, Melissa made some delicious looking gluten free calzones!

Saturday morning, the photo shoot got under way. Jeff and George were a tremendous help! You’ll find a couple sneak peeks at the food we shot for our new header photo, and a look at the boys being incredibly helpful and ironing our background fabric (for the second time that day).

And Sunday we all dressed up to carve pumpkins in Griffith Park, in keeping with our Halloween tradition! We even collected the seeds for roasting. Corelyn made a mini heart pumpkin, Jennie carved a combination bird + Obama symbol, and Rebecca chose a Hunger Games inspired Mockingjay symbol.

Did you carve pumpkins this weekend?


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