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It was the first truly hot weekend of the season here in LA. The only reasonable response to temperatures in the upper 90’s is of course to drink lemonade, wear sundresses, and absolutely do not turn on your oven. Unfortunately, Jennie and I had a baking project that could not be put off to a later date, so Saturday found us juxtaposed between desperately seeking relief from the Southern Californian heat and peering into a 425 degree oven. Such is the life of food bloggers.

We coped by making slightly boozy basil infused lemonade and having some fun with our baking project. Details will be revealed in time, but it involved blue pie crust and a blueprint made out of magazine clippings.

In other news, we finally got some new business cards! Aren’t they pretty? We recommend gazing upon them while enjoying a Sunday breakfast of eggs, tomato, and feta cheese.




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