Weekend Snapshot

Posted on by Corelyn
  • 3-18 Kitchen Reno
  • 3-18 Irish Coffee
  • 3-18 Jeff Running

You guys, Jeff ran the LA marathon yesterday and the ladies of Garlic, My Soul are so SO proud of him. He finished in 4:45, which was well within his goal time of under 5 hours, and we had a great time waving and cheering for him down by the finish line in Santa Monica.

In other news, Jennie’s kitchen continues to undergo renovations and we’re all pretty excited for her new sink and new tiles.

Also, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. We were pretty wiped after the marathon excitement, but we did find time for a couple Irish coffees with a little whiskey and Bailey’s! Hope you had a happy and safe LA Marathon/St. Patrick’s Day weekend!


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