Weekend Snapshot

Posted on by Corelyn
  • 2-11 Big Bear Short Skis
  • 2-11 Big Bear ducks
  • 2-11 Big Bear Minstral
  • 2-11 Big Bear Mountain
  • 2-11 Big Bear Sunset
  • 2-11 Jennie and Cor Big Bear

Happy Monday everyone! Just a few highlights from our weekend trip to Big Bear. It’s hard to believe this much snow can exist only a couple hours outside of Los Angeles! Jennie opted for short skis and stayed on the slopes for about 8 hours on Saturday, while I held down the fort back at the house. Saturday night we stayed in and enjoyed some relaxation time with our group of 12 friends, and even had time to visit the ducks by Big Bear lake before heading out of town on Sunday. It’s back to work for all of us on Monday, but we sure had a fantastic weekend!




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