Valentine’s Day Dinner: Baked Lemon Pasta

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Baked Lemon Pasta | Garlic, My Soul

Valentine’s Day is coming, and we at GMS think there is no greater gift you can give a loved one than a home cooked meal. We love dressing up and going out for a fancy dinner, but there is something about cooking with someone or for someone that just is tops.

So this week we’re here to bring you a couple recipes that we think you can whip up for Saturday’s festivities without too much┬átrouble. This first one is one of our fave recipes that’s simple, comes together quickly, and can be fancied up with shrimp, chicken, or a big side salad.

Baked Lemon Pasta | Garlic, My Soul

This is the Pioneer Woman’s Baked Lemon Pasta. We made it for the Pioneer Woman Challenge of 2010, and we were hooked. We now have it on a semi-regular rotation. We’ve made it in several different iterations, with yogurt, with a meat, with a veg thrown in there, but this is the classic recipe straight up.

Baked Lemon Pasta | Garlic, My Soul

And, of course, by straight up we mean double the garlic, double the lemon zest, and tons and tons of bright green parsley. Don’t forget the parsley – it really takes this to the next level. Parsley is so under appreciated, don’t you think? And yet, so very good for you.

Lemon-Pasta-3 Baked Lemon Pasta | Garlic, My Soul

Serve this up on Saturday and you’ll look a cook who really knows his/her way around the kitchen. We can see it now – a big salad, a hot cast iron of pasta, two glasses of wine…in fact, can we come over?

Up tomorrow, another option for Valentine’s Day that will have you meat lovers out there swooning…


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