Twice Baked Potatoes = Near Failure

Posted on by Corelyn

A few weeks ago, we tackled the Pioneer Woman’s twice baked potatoes along with chicken fried steak and fried cube steak. None of these recipes fall within our normal purview, and we’ll honestly probably never make them again. But, we signed up to cook the whole book and that’s just what we’re doing. So it was twice baked potatoes and chicken fried steak or bust.

Now, I don’t mind telling you, those twice baked potatoes nearly did us in. I don’t know what kind of magical oven the pioneer woman has, but ours was really not up to the task of producing a potato soft enough to scoop out the middle while maintaining a crispy outer skin.

It was honestly touch and go, but we persevered, and in the end they were decadent, delicious, and approximately 7 billion calories. But that’s okay. Our diet starts Jan 1st. When the PW challenge is over.


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