Trucking on, moving up: our next challenge.

Posted on by Jennie

Alright, enough relaxation. We’ve had a full day off. Now we need your help for our next challenge! We have a few options in the works.

1. Three recipes a month out of Real Simple, a magazine we both love. This will keep us busy, amount to 36 recipes over the year, but will be (a little) more relaxing then our PW pace.

2. Three recipes a month out of The Heart of the Artichoke, by David Tanis. A little more exotic than PW, which means recipes might be harder, but would add a few recipes to keep in our back pockets for parties, impressing friends, that sort of thing.

3. Write, cook, and photograph three recipes a month that we invent. This will be somewhat challenging for us, as we usually make recipes up as we go, but we don’t always write it down, and we certainly don’t often recreate it. It’ll be a chance to get some critiques on our kitchen backups, and see if we can’t add to our┬árepertoire.

4. What do YOU want to see us do? Suggestions are welcome and encouraged. After we get some suggestions, we’ll post those too, and then take a final tally!

Votes will be taken until Thursday, and we’ll announce the decision Friday!




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  1. Laura

    Invent! Invent!

    Maybe link the inventions to a CSA bundle. For example, what to do with the 2 lbs of Daikon from last week that you still haven’t used… not to mention the 1.5 lbs in this weeks portion?

    Or even if you don’t want to commit to a CSA, you could still go for seasonal main ingredients.

  2. Suzanne Lake

    I think Laura’s idea is right on – what to do with whatever is LOCAL and SEASONAL. I challenge you both to take a look at Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” about her family’s year of living only on what they could grow themselves or get within a small mileage radius. Of course for you Los Angelites that is a HUGE variety. But it might include venturing into some home preserving – like putting up pickles or relishes or jams. Remember my 100 pounds plus of squash from one volunteer squash seed? Nuff said.

    • Jennie Palluzzi

      Suzanne, I am IN LOVE with that book. Seriously, it took me forever to read because I loved it so.much. I have tried to stop eating produce that isn’t local, and being aware about where I buy my products from. I love this idea, and the Heart of the Artichoke book is based on seasonal/local food. But I love it. ­čÖé