Time-lapse Fondant

Posted on by Jennie

Jeff made us a time-lapse of Becca and I adventuring in fondant for the first time. Here are our three hours of hard work in about a minute. We made fondant toppers for cupcakes, to be used in a photo shoot, and I must say that working with fondant was both easier and harder than I originally anticipated. For starters, we had to dye it the colors we wanted, which ended up turning our hands some pretty interesting colors. In addition, we were working with two different types of fondant, and the more┬ámalleable one was harder to work with because it didn’t hold its shape as well.

Fondant also doesn’t taste that good, and if you’ve dyed it, molded it, cut it into shapes, and pressed those shapes together, the idea of eating it just isn’t appetizing. But it sure is pretty! Anyways, check out our work below, and look out for a longer post with pictures of the toppers we made!

Time-lapse Fondant from Garlic, My Soul on Vimeo.

Do you ever use fondant? What for? I think we’ll adventure again, but what to make!


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