Throwback Friday: Thanksgiving

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For the first time in five years, Corelyn and I are spending Thanksgiving apart! Although I am excited to go home for Thanksgiving, I will be video chatting the crew on Thanksgiving Day. As I get ready to travel for the busiest, and best, time of year, I wanted to take a look at the past four year’s of feasting and being thankful for each other.

Here’s us, circa 2008.

And our first ever turkey.

And, 2009. I don’t know why we aren’t ever in photos where we’re looking at each other, but apparently we are always in the action!

Our 2009 turkey was beautiful. Our photo was not. Please forgive us.

Here we are in 2010. Once again, no idea why we’re not in a photo where we’re smiling, but so be it. We are reading instructions on how to carve the bird, since we had made Jeff do it the years before.

And, our 2010 turkey. Sadly, we were rushed this year and did not get a great shot, but there were mostly no leftovers, if that tells you anything.

2011 is by far the most well documented. (Thanks Mary for letting me steal photos.) Here’s a shot of us in our new Thanksgiving kitchen, Paul’s place, and us all scrambling to get the meal prepared!

Here is our giant bird. Isn’t it a fine one?

I will miss this practice this year – writing down all the things we are thankful for. Perhaps I will pre-write mine and send them along with Corelyn.

And I will certainly miss our photo booth, and making these two ladies (among many, many others) laugh out loud!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Where will you be this year? Who will you be spending Thanksgiving with?


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