This Pie is Bigger on the Inside

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Sometimes, in the life of a geek, you don’t just have a TV show or book series that you love, but you also have a favorite person to share it with. For months, Jennie and I have wanted to make a Tardis cake in honor of my love of Doctor Who. And when the time finally came to plan our Whovian confection, I couldn’t stop thinking about my favorite fellow Doctor Who lover, my good friend Oren.

Among other talents, Oren is a masterful baker of pies, and something of a connoisseur of new pie flavors. He and I discovered buttermilk pie in a hole-in-the-wall diner in middle Tennessee when we were on a cross-country road trip last year, and I’ve been telling everyone who would listen about this pie ever since.

Dr. Who Tardis Pie | Garlic, My Soul

One thing led to another, and somehow my plans for a Tardis cake evolved into a Tardis inspired buttermilk pie. It seemed the most fitting Doctor Who tribute I could manage, given the pie-loving proclivities of my favorite Who watching partner.

Now, for some background: First, if you don’t watch Doctor Who, you should probably start. It’s on Netflix. You’re welcome.  Second, the Doctor travels around in a time machine that is also a space ship called the TARDIS. It stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, and it ‘s really massive on the inside but outside, it looks like a blue police call box. Because why not?

So how does one make a Tardis pie? Well, good question. We are not entirely sure, but here is what we did.

Dr. Who Tardis Pie | Garlic, My Soul

Step one. Start with blue pie crust. Apparently blue is our favorite food coloring option, because in order to create this blue dough, I had to use the last few drops of three separate blue food coloring bottles.

Step two. Cut out some tardis windows, and maybe a little light for the top of your Tardis.

Dr. Who Tardis Pie | Garlic, My Soul

Step Three. Bake. Text your friend, Oren about how delicious your buttermilk pie smells in the oven.

Step four. Add whatever flourishes you see fit. We added a little “Police Public Call Box” sign and the “Free for Public Use” placard on the doors. Plus some stars, because why not?

Dr. Who Tardis Pie | Garlic, My Soul

Step five. Serve to four hungry friends who’ve been waiting to eat this pie for several hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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