The turkey is not supposed to do origami.

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9:15 am:

This morning has gone relatively smoothly. We’ve made two trips to the car, three from the car, and managed not to spill anything (yet.) We measured the oven (thanks Jen!) and determined that yes, the turkey WILL fit. Which it does. It’s right next to me, in the oven, and has been in there for an hour and a half. Delicious. But not before Corelyn and I wrestled the 23.3 pound turkey into the pan, rubbing it with butter for a while, and trying to figure out a way to tuck the turkey wings. If you have suggestions, send them our way, because after nearly 10 minutes of trying to not break the wings but shove them under Turk, I said to Corelyn, “The turkey is not supposed to do origami.” I think I meant yoga. Either way, we didn’t end up tucking the wings under too much.

Friends are starting to gather, Becca and Jen have woken up (we were here 2 hours before they revealed themselves) and everyone is starting to shower. We already watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade and a bit of the dog show before moving on to James Taylor Christmas, which is what I am listening to right this moment.

We’re making a list of things we’re thankful for. So far Google Docs, among other things, has made the list.

Last night we made cornbread (GF) and Prune Cake (for breakfast!) and now we have a few hours to relax before the frenzy before dinner. Hence the blogging. Here are some photos of so far…


1:01 am:

Realize I never finished posting this post. What a Thanksgiving! It was such a good day! And now, onto Jen’s birthday and wine tours and cake. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and Merry Holiday Season!!


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