The hardest cake I’ll ever bake!

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We’re moving into July over here, and that means…cakes! I know, I know, you’re thinking, what? But here in LA we have birthdays year round, not to mention the fourth of July, and that means CAKE. Who doesn’t love a little cake to celebrate independence? I know I do. You may remember last year’s flag cake, the delight of the summer!

Now that was a serious accomplishment, but at the end of the day really was just a sheet cake, with hard frosting to achieve. The berries did most of the work (and Corelyn, if we’re being honest. Which, today, we are.)

But now, ladies and gentleman, I lead you behind the scenes to the next four days, while I attempt (with the help of some good friends) to make the hardest cake I’ll ever make. Or, I’ll ever make in 2011. Or I’ll ever make in the month of July in the year of 2011. You know, something like that.

It all started with reading a blog and realizing I needed to make a rose cake.

This is the cake I am going to make.

So roses, can’t be too hard. Barbra got me a pastry bag and tips a while back, so I’m good to go with that. But how do you make vertical layers in a cake? With two cakes, patience, and a pattern, of course!

This is the cake I’ll make and then I’ll put some roses on it!

So here’s the run down. Because I have a day job, and because this is for Saturday so my time is somewhat limited, the schedule looks like this.

Wednesday – Bake the two cakes (I’m going with strawberry and vanilla cake). Let them cool, flip them out of the pans, and freeze them. (They need to be frozen for at least six hours in order to

Thursday – Cut cakes and reassemble them as shown above. Cover with simple syrup and tie to bind, then place back in freezer. Meanwhile, practice roses a few times.

Saturday morning – Take cakes out, put in fridge to thaw.

Saturday afternoon – Decorate cake at party location with roses, using vanilla frosting.

I’ll make sure to try to update the cake as I go, letting you know what works, and what doesn’t. I may have a lovely assistant tomorrow to help me out, but we’ll see.


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