Thanksgiving Prep: A Palluzzi Thanksgiving!

Posted on by Jennie

Today was the day-before-Thanksgiving chaos it always is, only I was in Chicago to enjoy it! We were busy prepping by making quiche, pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, roasting beets, making kale chips (for snacking), cooking artichokes, making prune cake (for pre-Turkey Trot breakfast), and peeling potatoes for the mashed potatoes (which Grandma did amazingly!)

These are the beautiful stuffed artichokes that my grandma made – divine!

These are the Brussels that Jeff pulled off the stalk. Delicious for tomorrow with pomegranate and beets.

Here are the pumpkin muffins I made from scratch after we had extra pumpkin filling from the pumpkin pie.

Here is the prune cake pre-oven. Delicious, beautiful, wonderful prune cake.

I may have eaten two of these after the practice 5K we ran today with my fam.

I hope that the west coast is as ready for Thanksgiving as we are here…we mostly only have to mash some potatoes and make a turkey (and a lasagna….ok and maybe a couple more sides.)


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