Thankful Saturdays: Week Three

Posted on by Corelyn

This was the week of Thanksgiving, and we’ve spent the last couple days being thankful for friends, family, good food, and the many blessings that make holidays like these so special. Our challenge to ourselves to be thankful for something every day this month still stands, though. Here’s a look at what we took time to feel thankful for in the days leading up to the holiday.

Day 17: Jennie and I took a rainy day hike in Griffith Park. I was thankful to have someone in my life who makes me go hiking, even when it rains, and she was thankful for a willing partner.

Day 18: We had our photo shoot with Mary, and I was grateful for this crazy LA life we lead that includes fun things like photo shoots!

Day 19: Jennie was thankful for pomegranates, one of our seasonal favorites.

Day 20: I started thinking about my Dad, who I’m extremely thankful for. Jennie went for a good run and felt grateful for her health.

Day 21: In the prep frenzy, I was very thankful for Melissa who handled so much of the shopping, chopping, packing, and pre-cooking for our holiday!

What are you feeling thankful for?


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