Tea Time with Sherlock

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Tea Time with Sherlock | Garlic, My Soul

Sherlock is back. Both from the grave and for our viewing pleasure. With Series 3 now on Netflix, we’ve hardly been doing anything else.

Except, perhaps, making tea. Because there’s just something about that perfect hot beverage that fortifies you for whatever lies ahead. Which, with Sherlock, could be nearly anything. So with that in mind (and for obvious other reasons that involve tea being wonderful) we’ve been making a lot of it.

To check out our recipes for both Sherlock’s Mint Peach Earl Grey and Moriarty’s Dirty Vanilla Chai, head on over to Fanboy Comics, home to all our nerdy recipes, and one of our fave podcasts, too.

Tea Time with Sherlock | Garlic, My Soul Tea Time with Sherlock | Garlic, My SoulTea Time with Sherlock | Garlic, My Soul

We hope you love Sherlock – and tea – as much as we do! Happy drinking and watching, everyone!





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