Super Simple (and Delicious!) Paleo Pancakes

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Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My SoulI make this on a regular basis, and made them with Jennie this week to show her just how easy these are – they really have a consistency of pancakes, flip easily, and are a good way to get protein! I got the original recipe for this dish from a paleo instagram user, @kristenatcop, and I’ve kept on making these delicious snacks/breakfasts ever since!


2 bananas
2 eggs
About 1/2 cup sliced fruit. I used blackberries and strawberries.

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul
Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Start by mashing up about ¾ of a banana in a bowl and try to use softened bananas (easier to mash up).

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Add in 1 egg and blend together.

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Add desired amount of fruit to bowl. Mix.

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My SoulThen, spray down a pan with olive oil or coconut oil. Pour in batter and heat on medium. Watch your pancake! The key with paleo pancakes is patience. If you cook them on too high a setting, they will burn!

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Once golden on one side, flip, and cook until both sides are cooked through.

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul

Top with almond slices, your left over fruit, and honey…and you’re done! You have easy, protein-packed pancakes, yum!

Paleo Pancakes | Garlic, My Soul




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  1. Genie

    Great recipe! I’m not Paleo, but interested in eating whole foods. This is a great easy recipe and I love that I have the ingredients already.

  2. sorellapulita

    Thanks Genie! You’re absolutely right, this recipe is also a great option if you’re looking for a quick meal with clean, whole ingredients. I hope you like it as much as I do!

    • Jennie

      Purabi, We’re glad you like this idea – and the blog! Please keep telling us how we’re doing, and let us know if you have any suggestions for recipes/ideas for blog posts!

    • Jennie

      Jeannie – we’re glad you think so. We were skeptical at first, but after eating them, I must say that I secretly wish Ellen came over every weekend to make these for me!!