Spaghetti Squash, and overstock of Brussels…

Posted on by Jennie

Yesterday Jeff and I headed to Trader Joe’s, and unsupervised, I bought a stalk of Brussel sprouts for $2.50. Now, some may think that is a great deal, and it is. But I did this despite the fact that we already had Brussels, and a myriad of other vegetables that we were attempting to get rid of.

When Corelyn and Becca arrived for dinner, I think they were shocked at my absurd purchase, but we will eat them, and so they eventually ceased eye-rolling.

Becca came bearing a spaghetti squash. I was intrigued, and attempted to help her cut if open by placing Corelyn’s butcher knife in the middle of the squash, and using the garlic press to hammer down the knife through said squash. It was very successful, and no one cut themselves (which is more than I can say for tonight’s Indian adventure– more on that later.)

Meanwhile, I was laying out Rosemary Onion bread — divine. I must say, Pioneer Woman is one of the only woman in which I follow the entire recipe step by step. The other is Ina. (God bless Ina and her butter.)

We also had green beans, so we put those and the Brussels on to boil together. I threw some heirloom cherry tomatoes on in some olive oil to fry, and later added the green beans and Brussels, along with some cumin.

Once the spaghetti squash was done, Corelyn scraped it out of the skin.

This is Rebecca getting impatient…te he he.

I tried to help…but I think I only ended up stuffing my face.

Red pepper pesto and pasta sauce, for the spaghetti squash. Best. dinner. ever.




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