Southwestern Spaghetti Squash

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Southwestern Spaghetti Squash | Garlic, My Soul

We love spaghetti squash and know that you do too!  So what better way to continue our southwestern week than with a Southwestern Spaghetti Squash? This recipe was actually our inspiration for this whole week of southwestern foods, so thank you to the Comfort of Cooking for inspiring us!

Southwestern Spaghetti Squash | Garlic, My Soul

We were skeptical of the pre-roasting and cooling of the squash before cutting it in half, but let us say that this is how we are going to make all of our spaghetti squash from now on.  Sure it takes more time, but it is WAY easier to cut than feeling like you are risking life, limb, and fingers to cut a raw squash in half before roasting.  If you let the squash cool for thirty minutes after roasting whole you can reasonably handle and scoop even without having an insanely high-heat-hand threshold (*cough Jennie cough*).

Depending on how spicy you want the dish adjust the jalapeno and chili powder and don’t skimp on the cheddar cheese.  In our opinion it really brings the dish together.

Southwestern Spaghetti Squash | Garlic, My Soul Southwestern Spaghetti Squash | Garlic, My Soul

We can’t wait to make this again, what are you looking forward to cooking in this new year?




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  1. CakePants

    This looks fantastic!! I’ve actually never cooked a spaghetti squash, so thank you for your tips on how not to lose fingers while cutting them up (that’s always been my fear with butternut squash) 🙂