Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Posted on by Corelyn

Today is Jennie’s birthday! We make a lot of decadent cakes for this blog and for our friends, so Jennie and I have an unwritten rule that we keep things a little simpler on our own birthdays.

Garlic My Soul | Sour Cream Coffee CakeThis year, Jennie requested a particular kind of coffee cake made with sour cream to keep it moist and rich. Lo and behold, our newest King Arthur cookbook had the perfect recipe!

Garlic My Soul | Sour Cream Coffee CakeFew people love coffee cake as much as Jennie, and I really can’t believe it took her this many years to choose it as her birthday treat. When we celebrated at a local Los Angeles brewery, this simple cake was a hit with both the birthday girl and our friends.

Garlic My Soul | Sour Cream Coffee CakeBe sure to send Jennie some happy birthday wishes today!




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