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Last week a coworker at my old job was crazy busy, babysitting her grandchildren and helping her daughter out. As a result, I offered to make a dish to please the kids and keep her out of the kitchen during her already busy week. I figured Mac and Cheese was  a crowd pleaser, and knew just who’s to make: PW.

Four cups of pasta. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but boy, is it!

Cook your pasta, first of all.

A pound of cheese. I used cheddar. Doesn’t seem like enough. But don’t worry, it is.

Make a roux. Butter, flour, milk. Add mustard.

After the roux, add some of the roux to the beaten egg (slowly so it doesn’t cook) then that back the roux, and add your cheese (save 1/2 a cup for the top of the mac and cheese.) There are no photos of this because it was hot and I was cooking real dinner and this and alone. Alas, cheese hands and camera holding are not great together.

Add your spices. Seasoned salt, salt, pepper.

Taste. Adjust. Don’t under salt. Please.

Add macaroni.


Stick in a pan. I used a tinfoil one that I buttered so that my coworker wouldn’t have to worry about bringing back a pan to me. This is especially helpful if you’re helping someone out and want to have them think you thought of everything (which now, you have.)


Pull out your mac and cheese when it looks like this. When it sizzles. Then swat away any hands (like perhaps those of your boyfriend) and let cool. Cover with tinfoil, and when semi-cool, stick in your fridge.

A crowd pleaser. Go make some, you won’t regret it! (Unless you’re like me, and make it and gift it and don’t save even a bit for yourself. You might regret that.)


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