Sherried Tomato Soup

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As part of the PW Challenge, we made some Sherried Tomato Soup last weekend. I also got a new camera! This means I will be able to take and upload pictures of our cooking adventures on my own, without waiting around for Jennie and her camera to be available. Hooray!

Everyone’s very excited about the camera…

Jeff can barely contain his joy!

Some requisite “candid shots” with the new camera.

And for some reason we needed to take a picture of the old camera using the new camera. It was a whole thing, and it made a lot more sense at the time.

Now, back to tomato soup!

We needed a giant can of tomato juice and some diced tomatoes.

And then some onion, sautéed in an obscene amount of butter. So much butter, that even I was shocked and actually reduced it by about 2 tablespoons.

Add the giant can of tomato sauce to the onions, let it simmer for a few minutes, and add some cream, pepper, and sherry.

In the meantime, we started PW recipe # 2. Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich..


Start with onions. Obviously.

Saute them. I know, it’s all sounding very familiar so far, but wait for the next ingredient…

BEEF! We cut some cube steak into strips.

And toss it in the cast iron! Later, we’ll add the onions and a few spices, throw it all together on a sandwich and eat it. Don’t expect pictures of the final product, we were all too excited to eat these to stop for pictures. Trust, me though. They were incredible and I believe they went a long way to redeem the Pioneer Woman’s recipes for Andrew and Jeff  even after the meatloaf debacle.

But we did manage a picture of the rest of the meal! PW’s creamy mashed potatoes in the foreground and the delicious tomato soup is on the back burner.


[addtoany] Yum


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