"Secretly, I came here so I could be on your blog."

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Recently, Melissa came to visit, and admitted the only reason she’s moving to LA in the fall (other than going to library school at UCLA, wanting a life change, and enjoying LA’s weather) is to get on our blog. So of course, her ploy was to teach us something we didn’t know about cooking: how to make sushi! So, straight from Melissa (who learned from a one Ms. Stef) we have a step by step graphic explanation of how to make delicious sushi.

Step 1: You need to have sushi rice. This is a must. If you don’t, it’ll be harder to roll. Melissa says you can do without it, but after using it, I see the ways. Sushi rice, for us, was found at Target (and not at Ralph’s or TJs, surprisingly)

Step 2: Obviously you need tons of veggies. We used peppers, carrots, onions, avocados, and green onions. You cut them in strips, Melissa explained, and because of this you want veggies that are long, but you also can have shorter veggies and then use to strips. So, that’s an option.

Now, you take your piece of Nori (which is seaweed) and you hold it up and put it with the very shiny side out.

So you make the rice, and then you start with your seaweed piece and some rice. Like so.

Then you add some veg.

“You can add whatever you want, but just remember the more you add, the thicker your roll, and it can get harder to roll, and maybe break.”

You want to add cream cheese? DO IT.

Smush it on there.

You can add Wasabi in a Tube if you want, too.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Now you’re going to roll it. Melissa is explaining the proper way to roll it, so you get it nice and tight.

Look what a pro she is — she doesn’t even have to LOOK at the roll.

We are so excited, and impressed!!

Ok, now you’re going to cut your sushi.

Also not looking, because she’s that good. Also, remember that the end pieces never are beautiful. Melissa says it’s best to just eat them right away, so no one knows…

You can cut from one end to the other, or from the middle. Different schools of thought…


Now it was our turn!

And, of course, sushi for lunches! Perfection!

Thank you Melissa, for educating us. I cannot wait until you live here and we can all blog and love all the time.


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