Savory Fried Dough

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Savory Fried Dough | Garlic, My Soul

Growing up on the east coast, and specifically in Connecticut, there were a handful of foods that when I now described to people seem very very strange. I love birch beer, for example, but when I moved to Michigan I realized this wasn’t a nation-wide thing. Neither was good pizza, Italian bakeries in every town, sandwiches on really good bread, Jax (oh how I love Jax!), and really good pretzel rods. The list goes on and on (don’t get me started on Dunkin Donuts) but recently, I found myself alone lamenting over the lack of fried dough, as August reminds me of church fair season, which to me is the best time of the year.

To me, fried dough is basically like a pizza – it is savory, with sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. When I moved to Michigan, the Chelsea Fair had elephant ears, but there was no savory toppings to be had. But upon bringing up my childhood of Fried Dough Fridays in the school cafeteria in my elementary days, even my fellow New Englanders in Los Angeles were confused.

Savory Fried Dough | Garlic, My Soul

I did a quick Internet search to affirm my childhood lunch choices, but there weren’t really that many instances of this delicious (albeit not quite healthy) food choice – so I naturally realized that I must make it immediately for everyone to try at home.

Luckily, King Arthur Flour yet again had an amazing recipe for us, so we followed this to a tee and then we slathered the top with red sauce and a healthy amount of parmesan cheese.

Savory Fried Dough | Garlic, My Soul

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating fried dough this way, I suggest you head to the kitchen right now and get started. If you DID eat this growing up (or now, even!) comment please and reaffirm I am not crazy and did not make this one up!

Happy Fair season, everyone!





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  1. Mary

    Oh my gosh, total childhood memory! My grandmother made them with red sauce and Parmesan cheese, or with powdered sugar for dessert. Definitely not something I’ve seen anywhere else I’ve lived. (Same for birch beer, which is the only time I break my No Soda rule!)

  2. Peggy

    I grew up in West Haven CT. I live in California. There is nothing like CT food and my kids and friends here just don’t get it. I make my own lobster rolls when I crave them but I have never tried to make my own fried dough with tomato sauce. I will now though! So thanks! Haven’t had it since high school carnivals. I can’t wait!! I miss so much about CT but especially the food. Californians don’t even know real pizza. I could go on and on.

  3. Meg

    Yes!!! Thank you! I also grew up in CT and my mom would bring me to fairs just to get this fried dough! I crave it all the time. Even living in Mass, no one knows what I’m talking about!! ?

  4. Shawn

    I grew up in CT and just today was talking with my cousin about eating fried dough as kids. It was always a treat, especially with sauce and parmesan cheese. You said its a New England thing, but Im not so sure. I’ve also lived in MA and now NH and remember like it was yesterday. The total look of confusion I received from people at fairs in both MA and NH. When I asked where the fried dough stand was. Then a look like I was nuts when I tried to explain what it was. So Im thinking it may just be a CT thing, but who knows. Maybe I was just talking to people who haven’t been enlightened about delicious delicious fried dough