Reunited, and it feels so good…

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Last night was a big night in our little kitchen. Jennie is finally getting over the flu, and while she still doesn’t have much of an appetite for eating, her desire to cook has returned!

We celebrated in the usual manor–an overly ambitious cooking marathon! It started innocently enough. We planned to make tofu, veggies and rice for ourselves and chicken for Jeff. (Andrew has class FOREVER on Monday nights, so we rarely see him. Hence the tofu…) So, already we were planning two seperate meals.

Then, I mentioned my crock pot.

I have crock pot, a truly magnificent wedding gift, that had never even come out of the box. Not for lack of interest, but rather, lack of space. However, it is now Fall and the perfect time to start making stews and roasts and soups and chilis that can simmer away all day and be hot, ready, and delicious when we return home and come in out of the brisk 60 degree weather.

So meal number 3 was in the works.

Then Jennie announced she wanted cookies, and I mentioned having a box of pumpkin bread mix, and BAM. 5 cooking projects, just like that. It was marvelous.

I’m happy to report it all went off more or less without a hitch, except a minor incident in which I added WAY too much chili powder to the tofu and veggies. We ate them anyway, it was just more of an adventure than we intended..

So before I crept out of the house this morning in the pre-dawn hours (yes, parents, I get up before dawn, now) I threw our pre-chopped apples and onions, with some pre-thawed chicken breasts, some salt, pepper and rosemary into the crock pot and topped it all off with a chicken broth/mushroom soup mixture and set it to cook on low for 8 hours. I can not wait to go home and enjoy. Pictures of last night’s adventures are to come, and we will update you on the results of our first crock pot venture.


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