Red Velvet Cupcakes: PW Style

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As Mary’s birthday was a few weeks back, Rebecca and I set off to bake for her. We knew Mary likes red velvet, and I had already made PW’s recipe. We figured that cupcakes would be easy to move (true) and that they’d be delicious (also true.) We didn’t, however, anticipate the amount of rising they’d do, so they may or may not have come out looking like cookies…

Sifting our flour….

The cute cupcake liners I found at Ralph’s, of all places!

I may or may not have dropped some candles in the eggs…no big deal.

Mixing the red dye in with the cocoa…

Mixing it all together.


Because Rebecca was tired, and because I am not a master cupcake maker, they may or may not have been (WAY) over full. This lead to some interesting cupcakes…

Don’t worry though — we had an idea to ice them the next day, which was genius. Overall, they looked pretty good!!

These are them, the next day. They were delicious! And, just had more room on top for the frosting!!

Here’s PW’s recipe. Just divine — but fill them only halfway!


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