PW Challenge: Beef Brisket and Burgundy Mushrooms

Posted on by Corelyn

Last weekend, we came two steps closer to completing the Pioneer Woman Challenge and spent a full day cooking up the braised beef brisket (about 4 hours) and burgundy mushrooms (9 hours).

Step 1. Mix up a delicious marinade, and let the brisket sit for 24 to 48 hours. Check.

A full day and half later, I got up in the morning to get the mushrooms started simmering. First I washed 4 pounds of white mushrooms and tossed them in my biggest stock pot. Added some butter.

This is what my morning looked like. Empty butter carton, 4 pounds worth of empty mushroom containers, and COFFEE.

Add a liter of red wine, some bouillon cubes, some water and spices to the mushrooms in the stock pot.

Get started simmering! Let it simmer for 6 hours.

Meanwhile, that brisket had time to cook on low heat for almost 4 hours.

Lookin’ good.


We did our best to remove the top layer of fat.

Take a closer look.

What’s that? You want an EVEN CLOSER look at all that tender, juicy goodness. Okay!

PW told us it would fall apart as we cut it, and she was right. We ate this IMMEDIATELY. There are no more pictures because it didn’t last that long.

Long after the brisket had been prepared, eaten and enjoyed, the mushrooms were still simmering. After 6 hours, we uncovered them and let them cook a few more hours.

Finally done!

We ate them on a salad, because we needed some greens, and these mushrooms were packed with flavor.




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