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Posted on by Corelyn

Thursday night is date night for me and Andrew, and since we exist on a budget of essentially zero dollars/week that means we will be dining at home a la Corelyn. so what will I make? Good question. I have a couple ideas…

Things I know I have in the kitchen:

  • canned white meat chicken (good for adding to pasta)
  • lemons
  • onion
  • 1-1/2 tomatoes
  • white wine
  • fresh basil
  • milk
  • butter
  • pasta
  • broccoli

Things I think Jennie might have:

  • cream
  • parmesan cheese

So, I have several options–all of which are variations on basically the same theme, but here’s what I’m thinking.

1. Lemon, white wine pasta with tomatoes, chicken and basil

2. I could go to the store and get sour cream to make this Or perhaps try to make it with regular cream…

3. Chicken alfredo with fresh tomatoes and basil on top (using Jennie’s parmesan cheese with my milk, butter and flour to make an alfredo sauce)

Option 1 is probably the least fattening, while options 2 and 3 are far from low-fat but potentially delicious. hmm…choices.

I’ll keep you posted.




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