Pinwheels: a 90s appetizer resurgence

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Gluten Free Pinwheels | Garlic, My Soul

Is there a better way to hash out your feelings and de-stress than with friends over a glass of wine in the kitchen? In the GMS kitchen this week, we discovered that the only thing better is to add, “while making pinwheels” to the end of that sentence. Pinwheels inhabit a place in my mind reserved for fireworks, jello and attics that might, just might hide a map to ancient buried treasure. In a word: summer.

My early 90s were filled with pinwheel appetizers as far as the spectacled eye could see. They were all filled differently – some involved turkey, which I can tell you is delightful but not entirely necessary. In fact, the pinwheels I downed the fastest were simple: cream cheese and veggies. So that’s what we stuck to today, with a bit of a gluten-free, organic twist, of course, because we certainly don’t have ten-year-old stomachs anymore.

Gluten Free Pinwheels | Garlic, My Soul

And what would our ten-year-old selves think of us today? I’d like to think they’d feel hope and freedom in the fact that our lives have come to a point in which we can openly allow ourselves to eat entire rolls of pinwheels uncut, free of judgment. We may never have found that buried treasure but equivalent happiness? Absolutely. Find our full recipe here.

Gluten Free Pinwheels | Garlic, My Soul


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