Patriotic Party Food

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Happy Debate/Election season, y’all!

I don’t know about you, but I love a reason to gather my friends around and have snacks, so I’m hosting a debate party tonight to watch, munch, and enjoy what should be an interesting debate. And despite my aversion to a themed party, I do love themed food! So here are a few themed food options to serve at a debate/election party near you!

Cupcakes are a crowd please – four years ago, I made cupcakes for Obama.

I believe that this year, they’ll be better. I have faith that my piping skills have advanced in the past four years.

Here is a fun dip idea from Hungry Happenings that makes any dip seem a little more American!

You could also take our dipped pretzel idea using only red, white, and blue.

Who doesn’t like a rice krispie treat? Especially a flag-colored one?

 Other ideas: red, white, and blue chips, parfaits, kebabs (think blueberry, strawberry, marshmallow , cupcake toppers supporting your favorite politician.

What is your favorite patriotic food? 


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