Our 500th Post!

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Pop the champagne and bring out the party cake, because Garlic, My Soul is all grown up! Today is our 500th post since we first started blogging in 2009.

Things have certainly changed a lot since then (most notably, the quality of our photographs, thanks Mary!), but other things remain the same. Taking a look back at some of our other milestone posts, you can see how our personalities have been front and center since day one!

Our 50th post is especially hilarious. It tells a long, meandering story about our trip to the library culminating in Jennie’s excitement over discovering that Barack Obama reads the audiobook for his own book. A look at our blog over the last several election-filled weeks will tell you that not much has changed.

By post 100, the infamous Pioneer Woman challenge was in full-swing. It was December of 2010, and we were scrambling to complete the cookbook before we both left LA for the holidays. I still remember how deveining the shrimp grossed us out (obviously, we’ve grown a lot in the last two years, having beheaded both fish and fowl since then), and I also remember what a special treat that pasta dish was!

Our 200th post features one of the best decisions we ever made: new contributors! Rebecca wrote our 200th post and taught us all how to make cake balls!

Post 300 talks about the challenge we set for ourselves in 2012: [Ingredient], My Soul. As usual, we may have bit off more than we can chew with this one! Nothing ever changes, and I’m sure we’ll be scrambling up until the last minute to meet the goals of this challenge just like all the others. Next year, we’ll come up with new and more interesting ways to eat, sleep, and breathe GMS. (Look for it in post 600).

And our most recent milestone, our 400th post, was only a few months ago with a post from Jennie on some tips she wanted to share about healthy eating.

In all this time, we’ve redesigned the blog site, gained and lost contributors, moved all over the country, joined facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram, made some new blogger friends, found some fun and sneaky ways of cajoling our old friends into becoming blogger friends, and we still feel like we’ve only scraped the surface! I hope you’ll stick around for the next 500 posts!

I think my closing words from our very first post still sum it all up: We are loud and giggly. We make huge messes. We take lots of pictures. This is our life. Please enjoy your stay.


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