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Corelyn and I have been doing this PW Challenge for 3 and 1/2 months now, and with the PW comes buttah. And lots of it. In the midst of public awareness about exercise and obesity, we’re realizing slowly that in order to eat gobs of buttah on a regular basis, we should PROBABLY step it up and work out.

This Monday, we went to the gym with our friend Ellen. We signed up for a seven-day pass, and we headed to “Zumba” class. For those of you who don’t know, Zumba is like Latin dancing, only a workout. I was very nervous about this class, as I have never danced before. (except for when I was in high school and we did Swing Dancing in history class and I got to dance swing with  a few attractive Mormon gentlemen as well as some of my high school boys, and that one time when I was a little kid and Nikki and I took dance classes at school and at the last minute I had to be in her dance group because they were down people and I did it all wrong.) Corelyn, on the other hand, had, and so I was nervous. Luckily for me, class got canceled, so Corelyn and I decided it’d be a good idea to weight lift. Right?

We did the leg press, some triceps/biceps, calves, thighs, etc., etc. Between the two of us we worked out most of our bodies, huffing and puffing, talking about when we were younger and could do more. “I used to be able to leg press like 500 pounds, in high school, you know.” Which is true. I did, once, leg press 500 pounds for one rep when I was a sophomore in high school. When I was 15. Nearly 10 years ago.

Anyways, Tuesday was a little more successful. We did yoga class, which was good because we were sore from acting like we were in high school again. The yoga was relaxing, and we (or at least I) enjoyed our teacher, who kept the pace up and the encouragement up, too. Tonight we tackle TurboKick — Kickboxing. I don’t know exactly how this will go, since I am not that coordinated, but I did take kickboxing with my friend Erin in high school, and my friend Lauren and I went through a Billy Blanks phase, so I think I’ll be alright.

Wish us luck!


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