Okra Update.

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Hello. We really did cook some okra, some salmon and some rice the other night. Here are some pictures to prove it.


Some of our raw ingredients. Okra, onion of course, cherry tomatoes. I washed the okra thoroughly, per the instructions I found online, and then let it air dry. This was supposed to prevent the okra from becoming slimy…

Delicious Garlic

We added garlic, too…



I can’t take credit for how delicious this salmon looks/was. I buy the pre-seasoned frozen salmon fillets from Costco. I highly recommend them for something yummy and good for you in a pinch.


This dish turned out to still be a little slimy, but it could have been the very old pepper we threw in with it. Still, next time, I’ll clean the okra more vigorously. Slimy, or not, though, it was Delicious.


There were some mishaps along the way. Here we have Jennie, who had to leave the kitchen when the chopped onion attacked her tear ducts. Documentation was necessary.


[addtoany] Yum


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