Ode to the Best Nachos

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The Best Nachos | Garlic, My Soul

I L.O.V.E. nachos. They are a guilty pleasure that I’m just not very guilt-ridden over anymore. I don’t know when that happened exactly but I’m definitely past any shame I ever felt upon eating an entire plate of nachos all by myself while watching Netflix and drinking a glass of wine. (aka #theperfectnight!)

I have a favorite nacho joint here in Los Angeles (Mexicali in Echo Park) that I will indulge in after a long day at work. Their veggie nachos are gooey and grilled with zucchini and mushrooms – not your typical nachos, but they are a welcome new sub-genre of nacho-eating.

The Best Nachos | Garlic, My Soul

But even those, as perfect as they may be, are just not quite the same as homemade nachos. With simple delicious ingredients and a block of cheese you can watch disappear in the name of nacho glory, there’s just nothing better: chips, beans, pico, sour cream, avocado, jalapeños and cheese, glorious cheese.

The Best Nachos | Garlic, My Soul The Best Nachos | Garlic, My Soul

Sure, nachos may not be entirely healthy for you and sure, they’re not the most practical food: they don’t keep well (you can’t make them and bring them to work the next day – although I have tried). Yet, something about a hot plate of nachos, cheese bubbling, chips browned, beans roasted, jalapeños steaming, that is good for the soul.

So I say, “Happy New Year” to you, friends, with an industrial-sized tray of homemade nachos. Get the full recipe here.


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