Nuts, My Soul

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For our last ingredient of the year, we wanted to tackle nuts! We love nuts from breakfast to dessert, and thought we could share some recipes we love with you. Nuts, we know, are a diverse group of food, so we’ll try to focus on a few for you.

First, because it’s the season, we want to talk about pecans. We love them in Becca’s pecan pie, and so we were happy to find out they’re pretty healthy for us – they have omegas and antioxidants, and they lower your chances of heart disease. Did you know that pecans are the only tree nut that is native to North America? We’re eager to retry the Maple Pecan Scones from the PW, but also would like to try them on pizza (with pesto!) or with lemon and linguine.

Second, we love walnuts. Walnuts are also great for your heart and can aid in weight loss. There are some that are native to the Americas (think black walnuts and white walnuts) and some that grow elsewhere in the world. About 90% of the walnuts grown in the United States are grow in California, which is good for GMS! We’ve used walnuts in brownies before, but never in something savory – I’m looking forward to trying this recipe!

And last, but not least, we love cashews! Cashews are native to Brazil, and are actually seeds! They are high in copper and manganese, which both are necessary for a healthy diet! Did you know that copper helps you absorb iron, and manganese helps you absorb calcium? So maybe you should have some cashews, kale, and cheese with your pasta or rice! We’ve never focused much on cashews, but we did make this nut butter and I think it’d be delicious with cashews.

What are you favorite nuts? Do you have go-to nuts for snacking, breakfast, or dinner?


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