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As we wrap up the 2010 Pioneer Woman Cookbook challenge, it’s come to our attention that we neglected to blog about a few recipes along the way. We also, in some cases, forgot to take good photographs (or any at all). Please forgive us and take our word for it. Here’s the proof we were able to scrape together for you!


Sseriously, just take our word for it. This recipe was so easy, we made it on a Sunday morning after the farmer’s market and gobbled it up before any photos could be taken!

Breakfast Potatoes

Verdict: Fantastic. We’ll definitely make again.

Macaroni and Cheese

Verdict: Pretty darn good.

Pioneer Woman’s Guacamole

Our verdict: Perfectly adequate and a breeze to make, but I still prefer my own recipe adapted from Poppy Coates…

Pinto Beans

See them there at the back of the frame? Behind the bacon? We made them the same night as enchiladas, and they were yummy, but somewhat eclipsed by the delicious enchilada dish!

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Verdict: Sinfully good. Probably so good that we won’t ever prepare them this way again, because we can’t keep putting on butter weight!

Comfort Meatballs

(Green bowl, bottom right corner)

These were prepared for my birthday way back before we even started the Pioneer Woman Challenge! Verdict: They disappeared FAST that night. They were a big hit and we can’t wait to make them again!

Iceberg Wedge Salads with Homemade Ranch

Sorry but no pictures! We blame a computer that died and has since been replaced, but all files were lost! Anyway, we made it, and they were tasty to be sure. Our biggest surprise was how easy it was to make our own ranch dressing! Verdict: Not a huge fan of the iceberg wedge, but we’ll definitely use this ranch dressing recipe again!


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