National Soup Month: Top 6

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Here in Los Angeles, it’s been a frosty 50 degrees (and below!) and we’re a little cold, here, but luckily it’s National Soup Month, so we’re warming up with creamy soups, chunky pasta fagioli, some slow and some in less than 30 minutes! Without further ado, here are our favorite Top 6 Soups!

Number 6: Kale Chicken Soup 

About a year ago, I made some chicken soup with my fave new veg, kale. It helped me feel  better, was full of vegetables, and of course lasted us a few meals – my favorite kind of dinner!

Number 5: Cream of Potato Soup 

Jeff loves Potato Soup, so I’ve made a couple recipes over the past few years, trying to get it to taste like his favorite restaurant’s. This one really hit the spot for a hearty, creamy dinner that is easy to make and can use whatever veggies you have lying around that are almost on their way out.

Number 4: Curried Golden Beet Soup

A couple years ago, we were up to our ears in beets. We love ’em, but worry (well, I worry) about dying everything in my house red, so we opted for golden beets – they taste great, but they bring less chance of ruining your kitchen towels. This soup was a little spicy, full of flavorful spices, and nutritious, too!

Number 3: Potato Leek Soup

Corelyn made this delicious soup last winter when she was living back east, and I am so sad that I missed eating it…I might have to make it myself shortly. Another soup full of veggies, creamy, flavorful, amazing.

 Number 2: Pasta Fagioli

This is an Italian favorite that I always loved when my mom made for me. It’s full of garlic, beans, savory tomato, and pasta, and is good with a delicious crusty bread. It is better the longer you let it simmer, and it’s good for as long as it lasts (which might not be long if you’re anything like our house!)

 Number 1: Pumpkin Ginger Soup

Maybe I’m bias because this is the soup most recently in my mind, but this pumpkin ginger soup was amazing, easy, and unexpected. I love pumpkin, I love ginger, and the combination of a spicy yet sweet soup was a great dinner, and lunch the next day – just remember it gets thicker and spicier the longer you have it!


 We hope you find an excuse to make soup soon – if you live in California, the unseasonable cold weather should convince you, and word on the street it’s unseasonably warm everywhere else in the US (which is a cool 55, our temp here, too) so you should make some soup anyways!



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