March Desktop Calendar

Posted on by sorellaartista

March is nearly here! It’s time for all things spring to start blooming, donuts included. Not only are they super tasty, they can be so beautiful. My heart hurts thinking about opening a box of assorted flavors from Dunkin’s (which we are sadly still waiting for here in Los Angeles) and seeing all the fun, bright, frosting, glaze, and cake waiting to be gobbled up.

Have you noticed that donuts are super trendy right now? I would like to take this moment to declare that the donut has officially replaced the cupcake as the trendiest food indulgence. I would also like to go on record and say that pie will be next. You heard it here first. Now get outside and enjoy the slightly less arctic weather! Or if you’re craving a donut now, stay inside and make your own instead.

Click on the photo below and it’ll automatically start downloading – then make it your desktop background.


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